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Little Runescape things that RSfags can relate to. :3

make-them-sufffer said: god your anons are funny.. They need better grammar skills and maybe some nuts. Oh and fuck mining , hate getting it up for heroes :c

My mining level is 91.

it’s not hat bad ;)

and they are dumb

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Anonymous said: sure she will

Not nudes of her. 

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the-mun-fish said: TORI IS AWESOME

ty redneck <3

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Anonymous said: Nudes of Bethany? Who would want to see that?

d i really need to turn anon off again, i mean really. get the bals to come off anon or go away

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if we get about 20 submits bethany will post nudes on the rstag

go go go go

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When a noob runs in before the tank, and nearly dies and tabs away.

Edit, Josie —

Fuck you.

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make-them-sufffer said: I think the anon is just a butthurt jealous kid. They just want your skills and blog. Take no note of them , keep doing an amazing job :)

thanks bro

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Anonymous said: if u've been playing since 04, u'd think u would know a little something about rs but thats clearlyyy not true :) also ur accs wouldnt suck so bad. plus ur like 14 & u should not be talking like that at all. its inappropriate as kids (even younger thn u) read this & the rs tag so plz keep it appropriate :)

I’m 16, who gives a fuck if I fucking curse? 

I also didn’t know you owned the tag. 

So, in conclusion,image


I’m 18, your typing sucks. Quit your trollin’.

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Anonymous said: u all BEG for submits when ive submitted so many diff things but none of u posted them. beggars cant be choosers. its also prob due to the fact that the person who does those things (aka beth) has not played rs long enough 2 know anything about rs. thats y ur blog sucks :)

My face when I started reading this:


My face after reading this:




Spoiler alert, Bethany (I) have been playing since 2004, on and off. Got hacked on my old account which had 99 Runecrafting and 99 Hunter.

And with that, pussy ass nigga, You will keep your mouth shut.

Peace and blessins, Bethany. (Blog owner.)

Edit from Tori:

actually Beth doesnt delete messages, I DO. I delete them if I don’t like them, or they wouldnt apply to most. i mean if you wanna resubmit i can look again.

but for now you’re butthurt, and i have been plaing runescape for quite a long time, so you can SMD.

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